Friday, 5 October 2012

Springtime and flowers

Spring time.   

Everything is new and fresh. Sunshine, flowers, young animals, spring cleaning. What is there not to love about spring time?  Flowers are my favourite.

Well if the kids are outside playing (under the watchful eye of your partner) in the garden looking at all the flowers, maybe you can sneak toward that sewing machine and sew together something to represent all that is great about spring. Flowers! There is an amazing selection found here at Little Tee Tee –Laces, trims and more. 

If the kids are running havoc around yourself then maybe you could buy these lovely collections already beautifully hand made for you.
Hope this has inspired you to enjoy the flowers whether they be hand made or in the garden.

Handmade With Love 4 kids - dress

Pink Coco - Ladies hat

Poppy and Rose - Tutu skirt