Tuesday, 31 May 2011

vintage teacups

my husband's family are all collectors of gorgeous tea cups.  When I was introduced to this phenonemon 16yrs ago (man that makes me feel old) I didn't quite 'get it'.  It's taken this long to buy my first ever vintage cup & saucer - albeit a child-sized one!  I couldn't resist though - it is sooooo dainty & sweet.

When living in Auckland I met a lovely lady - Amanda - who runs the most amazing business called The Vintage Table.  Her job is to source the prettiest cups & saucers, china, crockery, vases etc etc for use in her hire company.  What a drag - scouring through quaint shops all day, looking at pretty things ;)  If you have a vintage/tea party style occasion coming up, be sure to visit The Vintage Table.

Here are some wonderfully cute tea cup-inspired creations for you to drool over ...

You can visit the above products by clicking on their descriptions.  Don't forget to let them know who sent you!  And if you have any tea-cup inspired creations I'd love to see them!

Monday, 30 May 2011

christening gowns

Christenings / baby dedications (& the like) are such a momentous occasion & holds different significance for different families.   For us, the Dedication of our two girls was a way for us to thank God for our precious gifts & publicly let Him & our families know that we will do our best to bring them up in the Christian faith.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be about our personal beliefs but to share with you some gorgeous handmade Christening items & outfits I found on some of my favourite sites!  I've been wanting to sew a christening gown for some time & I finally got to cross it off my 'To Do' list (see main photo)!  Hopefully more to come in the not-too-distant future (after I manage a few other things off the old list!). Be sure to let me know if you'd like me to create something special for your little one!

To my fave finds now ...

If you do wish to know more about baby dedications please feel free to visit this link HERE.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


bling bling & more bling!

Anyone who knows me knows I love sequins! Not that I flounce around in slinky sequined gowns, draped in rows of diamontes & topped with sparkly tiaras.  However ... I do love to sneak in my black sequined high-tops whenever I think I can get away with it! (Actually got stuck wearing them to a black-tie, corporate event by mistake last year when I packed two left boots & they were the only other packed shoes. It was fun looking at everyone's reactions!).

I digress ...

I'm in love/lust with these gorgeous handmade creations!  Now to find an excuse to walk around with a bling-bouquet!

Clockwise from top left: Sequined flower-girl dress by Little Tee Tee (me!); Wedding brooch bouquet by Lilybuds; Silver star baby shoes by miss poppitt. All handmade in Australia :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I'm not quite a coffee addict - I promise!  It's more about the relaxing side of the drink.  Coffee to me is sitting still for a spell & enjoying the feel of a nice warm cup in hand. The best part is definitely the company though.  Nothing beats meeting a friend for a quick break with adult conversation!

With coffee on the mind, I went searching the net for some divine coffee-inspired creations & discovered a realm of handmade goodness!  Check these out!

I wonder if my subconscious comes with me when I'm buying new fabrics?  I seem to be sewing in hues of latte, ristretto & flat white!  Here are a few of my favourite recent designs ...

If you like any of my designs please let me know!  You can visit my on facebook too - http://facebook.com/littleteeteeboutique.

Now off to boil the jug!

felicity thomson photography

And who doesn't love gorgeous photography! 

Felicity's images are such an inspiration to me & I can only dream of taking just one shot to rival hers in my lifetime! I spend ages looking at her photos of newborns in the most amazing poses. Wanna see what I mean?  Here's her website link - http://www.felicitythomsonphotography.com.au/

I am sooooo excited to be sharing a stall at The Galoomp Markets on Sunday with Felicity.  I will no doubt be drooling over all her canvases and display photos on the day. Come join me in doing so!

The Peninsula Centre
93 MacMasters Road
Woy Woy


Rain, hail or shine ... it's indoors!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Yes, I love markets!  As a youngen my parents would take us to the local flea markets to spend our meagre pocket money.  And the money spending at markets hasn't stopped since! I love finding quirky, handmade goodies for my kids, my home & sometimes myself!

I also love being a stall holder.  I love meeting everyone who stops to browse, & to hear their thoughts on my creations.  What I don't love is the set-up process!  I stress about how to make the stall inviting & accessible.

I'm about to go to my first market of the year, & in fact the first market selling my new label Little Tee Tee. The Galoomp Markets are bringing a new event to the coast & this Sunday (29th May '11) is their inaugural market to be held at The Peninsula Centre at Woy Woy.  I can't wait!!!!

I've been sewing up a few new special-occasion dresses & even played with a few headbands.  My favourite new addition to my market display are these gorgeous rose balls (for want of better description!)  I had planned to make about 9 of them but they're taking me at least a day to make just one & there's only 4 days left!

Speaking of which, I must go get the glue gun out & continue!  Hope to meet some fantastic people on Sunday!

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Yay! I've entered the blogosphere to entice you all with my ramblings!  So I guess you're wondering who I am?  Where to start ...

Firstly I'm mum to two gorgeous girls who keep me on my toes.  They've given me the best excuse to pull the sewing machine out & sew up a storm!  Next, I'm a wife to a totally wonderful man who supports me in all my crazy endeavours & doesn't shake his head if the house-work doesn't get done for weeks on end whilst I'm caught up sewing! Of course, I'm a daughter as well, sibling to two & now aunty to two gorgeous little girls (more excuses to sew).

We're living on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. That's a defintie 'Little Tee Tee LOVES'!  This place has seriously beautiful beaches (& seriously great cafes to top it off).

You'll get to know me quite a bit more in following posts, I'm sure.

So this blog will showcase some of my creations as I feel inspired to sew.  I love luxurious fabrics & laces. I love soft colours, especially lattes & chocolates (hmmm, in real-life too!). I love making sweet, little girls dresses which have both mums & kids smiling at the sight of them!

But it won't be all about me!  I LOVE reading other peoples blogs & browsing through all the handmade sites.  I can't wait to share all my finds in my 'Little Tee Tee loves' blog!

ps - say hi from time to time so i feel loved too!