Friday, 5 September 2014

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Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY Tutorial - How to make flower bunting. Perfect for little tea parties!

The perfect setting for a little tea party - a nook in the garden with floral bunting draped from a tree. Divine!

This bunting is REALLY easy to make - perfect for beginners or anyone needing a super quick project to add magic to an event.

What we used:
4.5 metres of our cotton embroidered lace HERE
fabric flowers (peonies on mesh) x 11 lots Purchase 4 lots of peony pink, 3 lots of light pink & 4 lots of pink.
Sewing Machine or needle and thread.

  • I cut our flower strands into groups as follows: 'peony pink'  - 6 strands of 5 flowers, 'pink' - 6 strands of 6 flowers, and 'light pink - 4 strands of 4 flowers
  • Pin the strands onto the lace. I pinned the peony pink flowers first, pinning approx every 1/2mtr.  I left around 85cm at each end blank (ie don't pin the flowers there) to make sure there was plenty of lace to tie around the tree branch.

  • After pinning the peony pink flowers in place, I then moved onto the 'pink'. I pinned these roughly 17cm up from the other flowers.  You can get more mathematical than me & making them exactly even but I didn't see the need!
  • Lastly, pin the light pink flower strands inbetween the 'pink' and the next 'peony pink'.
  • Sew one continuous line along the cotton lace, making sure you catch all the flower strands. Hold the petals out of the way as you go ... and be sure not to run over your pins!

  • And that's it!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Australia Day - morning tea inspiration!

Can I just say ... I LOVE Australia Day!  After returning from a 5 year overseas stint back in 2011, I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the patriotism in our country.  I think it took me all of 5minutes to fall in love all things red/blue/white and to embrace the vigour of Australia Day celebrations.

With only one weekend until our country goes flag-mad, I thought I would share a VERY quick, yet very cute, Australia Day table setting.  Oh, and did I mention that it's also cheap?!?

1. M&Ms in red/blue. Flag from the $2 shop 
2. Blue cordial with Little Tee Tee glass decorations

All the props came out of my kitchen - cupcake stands, milk bottles, upturned red/white cups & saucers. I placed a wooden crate which hubby recently made at the back of the table to add height & use to highlight the gorgeous wild gum flowers.

3. Jaffas, Jam tarts, lamingtons from Coles
4. Native flowers with flag toothpicks

The local $2 shop provided the flag accessories - bunting, toothpicks & whirly wheels - all for $7.50.  The doily table runner was made from Little Tee Tee doilies in 3 sizes & available HERE.

5. Upside down cups/saucers with fruit
6. Anzac cookies (store bought!)

7. Lamington bites with flag toothpicks from the $2 store

8. Sweet fruit cluster with twigs from the garden

If you still think hosting a morning tea it's a bit overwhelming let me convince you otherwise!  It took only an hour at the shops to buy supplies (including getting side tracked in the Post Office & a gorgeous bedding shop!) and the only things I can remotely claim as home-made are below  (& these are simple - my 5yr old helped)

For a cupcake tiered platter topper I pinned a small beaded flower onto a fabric rose heart.  Both are purchasable from my shop for $1 each! Simply sticky tape it to the cupcake stand.

Decorate your milk bottles with Little Tee Tee fabric flowers attached with hot glue to red ribbons.  Really quick, yet effective.  These flower come in such a huge variety of flowers that you can colour match almost any party theme. Available HERE for only $1 per flower.

And lastly, these fruit/marshmallow skewers are perfect if you have kids itching to help make something for your party!  Simply spike whatever fruit takes your fancy (watermelon would be great for Australia Day) & intersperse with marshmallows, then drizzle with blue icing (ie icing sugar + a little water + food colouring mixed together until smooth).

And there we have my suggestion for a stylish Australia Day morning tea.  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Springtime and flowers

Spring time.   

Everything is new and fresh. Sunshine, flowers, young animals, spring cleaning. What is there not to love about spring time?  Flowers are my favourite.

Well if the kids are outside playing (under the watchful eye of your partner) in the garden looking at all the flowers, maybe you can sneak toward that sewing machine and sew together something to represent all that is great about spring. Flowers! There is an amazing selection found here at Little Tee Tee –Laces, trims and more. 

If the kids are running havoc around yourself then maybe you could buy these lovely collections already beautifully hand made for you.
Hope this has inspired you to enjoy the flowers whether they be hand made or in the garden.

Handmade With Love 4 kids - dress

Pink Coco - Ladies hat

Poppy and Rose - Tutu skirt

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hearts Off to Handmade Designers!

I love Little Tee Tee Showcase

It started with a heart.  Its results are astounding. The brief was – create something special from a heart.

It is amazing how inventive some people are. They are just blessed with the creativity gene.  I have been so inspired by the beauty of some of these creations. Here are my personal favourites.
A large silver lace children's crown by Arabella's Wardrobe

Hand stamped lace heart buttoned hairclips//elastics by Minky Minx Design Studo - Vintage Ispired Creations

Girls Playsuit by Sweet Delilah

Heart Delight by KIDS ROOMS

These amazing designers have put their wares on this showcase for your purchase (I would buy everything if I could!). It commences tomorrow at 8.30pm (Friday the 17th August 2012) and ends the same time on Monday the 20th August 2012.

If this has left you feeling inspired or got your creative mind buzzing you can find all your heart desires and needs HERE.

DIY Tutorial - 4 hair clips in 4 mins!

Yes, you CAN make gorgeous hair clips with not much fuss & no sewing skills whatsoever!

What you need:

 Clip 1:

 Clip 2:
 Clip 3:

 Clip 4:
  • Take one ribbon-covered clip & the small gold flower.
  • Squeeze a fair amount of glue onto the back of the flower then press it in place onto the clip.
  • Hold for 3 seconds - then you're done!
  • Cost: $1.10 (plus glue)

 And there you have 4 pretty new hair clips to match so many different outfits ... and all for under $8.00!

Happy Creating