Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hearts Off to Handmade Designers!

I love Little Tee Tee Showcase

It started with a heart.  Its results are astounding. The brief was – create something special from a heart.

It is amazing how inventive some people are. They are just blessed with the creativity gene.  I have been so inspired by the beauty of some of these creations. Here are my personal favourites.
A large silver lace children's crown by Arabella's Wardrobe

Hand stamped lace heart buttoned hairclips//elastics by Minky Minx Design Studo - Vintage Ispired Creations

Girls Playsuit by Sweet Delilah

Heart Delight by KIDS ROOMS

These amazing designers have put their wares on this showcase for your purchase (I would buy everything if I could!). It commences tomorrow at 8.30pm (Friday the 17th August 2012) and ends the same time on Monday the 20th August 2012.

If this has left you feeling inspired or got your creative mind buzzing you can find all your heart desires and needs HERE.

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