Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a spot of high tea & pretty teasets

Yes, my china cabinet groans under the weight of my little collection!  I daren't whisper to it that I will be adding quite a few more pieces in the coming weeks!

I love these pink teapots & matching cup & saucers sets... so much so that I've added them to my store so you can enjoy them too! HERE

My daughters also love a good tea party.  My 4 year old knows that if she goes to the effort of organsizing a teddy bears picnic that I will cave in to her fluttering eyelashes & give them each a marshmellow treat!  I'm a sucker!  So I've added a couple of gorgeous children's tea sets too!  One is a cute multi-coloured porcelain set, the other a more durable tin set (in case you're concerned about little clumsy fingers!). HERE


Oh, & I did fall in love with this white teapot with diamonties.  Who doesn't like a bit of bling on their table?!?  Available HERE

Friday, 21 October 2011

beautiful graphics

ooooh how I love my rejigged logo by The Photo Spot!  I adore the vibrancy of the colour aqua/turquoise/tiffany-blue at the moment (so much so that I'd love to paint my dining table in it!).

What do yout think?

My new website is coming along nicely.  Just tweaking the design a bit but here's a sneak peak ...http://littleteetee.3dcartstores.com/