Sunday, 22 May 2011


Yay! I've entered the blogosphere to entice you all with my ramblings!  So I guess you're wondering who I am?  Where to start ...

Firstly I'm mum to two gorgeous girls who keep me on my toes.  They've given me the best excuse to pull the sewing machine out & sew up a storm!  Next, I'm a wife to a totally wonderful man who supports me in all my crazy endeavours & doesn't shake his head if the house-work doesn't get done for weeks on end whilst I'm caught up sewing! Of course, I'm a daughter as well, sibling to two & now aunty to two gorgeous little girls (more excuses to sew).

We're living on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. That's a defintie 'Little Tee Tee LOVES'!  This place has seriously beautiful beaches (& seriously great cafes to top it off).

You'll get to know me quite a bit more in following posts, I'm sure.

So this blog will showcase some of my creations as I feel inspired to sew.  I love luxurious fabrics & laces. I love soft colours, especially lattes & chocolates (hmmm, in real-life too!). I love making sweet, little girls dresses which have both mums & kids smiling at the sight of them!

But it won't be all about me!  I LOVE reading other peoples blogs & browsing through all the handmade sites.  I can't wait to share all my finds in my 'Little Tee Tee loves' blog!

ps - say hi from time to time so i feel loved too!

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