Tuesday, 31 May 2011

vintage teacups

my husband's family are all collectors of gorgeous tea cups.  When I was introduced to this phenonemon 16yrs ago (man that makes me feel old) I didn't quite 'get it'.  It's taken this long to buy my first ever vintage cup & saucer - albeit a child-sized one!  I couldn't resist though - it is sooooo dainty & sweet.

When living in Auckland I met a lovely lady - Amanda - who runs the most amazing business called The Vintage Table.  Her job is to source the prettiest cups & saucers, china, crockery, vases etc etc for use in her hire company.  What a drag - scouring through quaint shops all day, looking at pretty things ;)  If you have a vintage/tea party style occasion coming up, be sure to visit The Vintage Table.

Here are some wonderfully cute tea cup-inspired creations for you to drool over ...

You can visit the above products by clicking on their descriptions.  Don't forget to let them know who sent you!  And if you have any tea-cup inspired creations I'd love to see them!

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