Thursday, 26 May 2011


I'm not quite a coffee addict - I promise!  It's more about the relaxing side of the drink.  Coffee to me is sitting still for a spell & enjoying the feel of a nice warm cup in hand. The best part is definitely the company though.  Nothing beats meeting a friend for a quick break with adult conversation!

With coffee on the mind, I went searching the net for some divine coffee-inspired creations & discovered a realm of handmade goodness!  Check these out!

I wonder if my subconscious comes with me when I'm buying new fabrics?  I seem to be sewing in hues of latte, ristretto & flat white!  Here are a few of my favourite recent designs ...

If you like any of my designs please let me know!  You can visit my on facebook too -

Now off to boil the jug!

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