Wednesday, 1 June 2011

rainy weather

am I odd to love the rainy weather?!?  It's seems as if it's a chance to slow down, snuggle up on the couch & stay in pj's all day - what can be bad about that?!?

Today is REALLY rainy.  I'm surprised our outdoor setting hasn't been washed off the balcony & that the leak in our roof hasn't quite filled up the bowl sitting on the bench. I kept my eldest out of school today due to illness, which really meant we could all lounge about & chill for the day - just lovely.

And of course, chilling means I get to browse around for special handmade creations to share with you.  I met a wonderful lady in the rainy city of Dunedin, NZ last year.  She is one truly talented artist & I LOVE her range of magnetic & restickable wall scapes.  My fridge has a little collection going on Tinch magnets & one day I hope to dedicate a whole wall to one of her larger creations!  Check out her cloudscape below.  love love love!

1. Up, Up and Away stickers by Tinch; 2.  Raindrops pocket mirror by Frangipani Palace3. Raindrops earrings by Each to Own
No Little Tee Tee creations in this blogpost because I don't have anything rain-inspired BUT your can have a little browse about my facebook (HERE) or my Little Kiwis Nest store (HERE) or Etsy store (here) if you wish to lounge about out of the rain for a while!

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