Monday, 27 June 2011

sydney opera house

there's something about the pointy peaks of the opera house that make me feel like I've come home.

Today is the first day of mid-year school break so we ventured to the big smoke for a day of exploring (we're about an hour & a half north of Sydney). Beautiful sunny day ... it looked so promising!  Unfortunately my daughter fell over & grazed her legs before we had even made the train so it seemed to set the tone for the coming hours. Missed trains, pushy pedestrians with no thought of small kids in prams, & an hour wait for the right ferry began to get the better of me.

Finally we boarded the beautiful old ferry (well, I think they're beautiful in an industrial kinda way) & used the right handshake to gain access to the wheel room (aka where the captain steers the ferry).  Big special treat!  Then my 'sunny' eldest daughter decided she'd spend the entire trip sitting on the floor, refusing to look at anything outside the window, let alone sit in the captains chair to steer the boat. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!  Thankfully my youngest LOVED the experience & had a blast with Captain Feathersword.

Two hours later, back at home, hubby asks "What was your favourite part of the day". Miss Sunny replied "Going to the toilet".

Just one of 'those' days!

Bad day aside ... I do really love the Opera House & being out & about on the harbour.  Here are a few handmade Opera House finds for those who share my love ....

1. Pen & ink sketch by AlikellyArt 2. Australia cities badges by Parsnip & Pear; 3. Kitch cushion by SugaKusha 4. Wall decal by Modern Designs28

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