Friday, 3 June 2011

online stores

I can spend the day away just by looking through so many gorgeous online stores. It's no doubt obvious that I tend to LOVE handmade stores more than others just because I love to support people like me who are usually stay-at-home mums. Each designer has their own reason for making/selling their creations - for me it was a case of needing a creative outlet, as well as trying to earn a little extra money to put towards non-essentials (read here 'to support my cafe cravings'!).

My good friend Amy & I started a website in 2009 called Little Kiwis Nest which acts as a host for some very talented homebased/handmade designers. The majority of these sellers are Kiwis & are stay at home mums - & everyone of them makes incredible products for kids. Even though I have just moved back to Australia I've decided to reopen my little shop on Little Kiwis Nest so you can now get some of my goodies HERE.

I'm also trying to get my act together & open a store on Etsy which is an international website for handmade sellers. Wow, this site will have you hooked as well!  Bear with me while I find the time to fill my store there but here's the link for the future ... HERE.

There are loads of other great websites where you can source handmade goodies - eg,  - so there really is no excuse not to find what you're looking for in one of these destinations!

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