Monday, 6 June 2011

the queens birthday long weekend!

and who wouldn't love an excuse for an extra day to spend with friends & family?!?

Can't say I'm obsessed with the royal family these days but I do remember being in awe of Princess Diana back when I was little.  I had loads of little books on her & would love visiting my great Aunt in Brisbane who had boxes & boxes of magazines with photos of Diana in them.  And then to be able to watch her wedding ... well, that just made my little world!

We let our 2 daughters stay up to watch the next installment of royal weddings - yep, Prince William & Kate - & I think they are now totally obsessed.  The squeals of delight can be heard across the country whenever they spy a magazine with the couple blazoned on the cover.  So cute to watch & reminisce.

So the Queens birthday weekend is approaching & all I can say is God Save the Queen ... & then share some really cute royal creations with you!

1. Keep Calm & Wear your Tiara card by Sweet Pea Ink; 2. Crown brooch by Not by Amber 3. Royal Guard by Our Shabby Collage 4. Crown hair tie by Mae Mae Designs

And if your little one needs a pretty princess dress for a special occasion ... don't forget to visit me HERE!

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