Wednesday, 20 July 2011

DIY fabric bedhead!

I'm a little hooked on this season's 'The Block' (ie Aussie tv reality show with 4 couples renovating homes for a competition).  I was chuffed to see one couple embarking on making their own fabric covered headboard - a little project that I've just recently completed myself.

(excuse the skinny shot but the rest of the room was a bit untidy & I was too impatient to tidy it all up!)
I've spent years with a very white bed but felt the need for a bit of a change.  I don't like sleeping under patterns but LOVE statement bedrooms.  A fabric covered bedhead means that I can keep my white bed but have a splash of colour behind me!
So how do you make your own:
What you'll need:
1. MDF (cut to the size you want your bedhead to be). I actually used 3 boards standing horizontally to give me the height I wanted.
2. Metal brackets & screws
3. Stanley knife/scissors.
4. Iron.
5. Staple gun and staples.
7. Fabric.
8. Foam about 10cm bigger than your MDF on all sides and the thickness you would like. I bought mine from Para Rubber.
Making the bedhead
1. Determine the size of the headboard and cut your MDF and foam pieces to match. Bunnings can cut the boards for you if need be.
2. Lay the MDF down & join the pieces together with the metal brackets. I used 3 brackets per join (top, bottom & middle.) 
3. Lay the wadding on a flat, firm surface, then lay the board on top. Ensure the wadding is pulled tightly and evenly across the face of the board then use the staple gun to staple the overlaps to the back of the board.
4. Lay your chosen IRONED fabric on a flat surface and place the wadding-covered board on top. Ensure the fabric is pulled tightly and evenly across the board then staple to secure. It's a good idea to start in the center and work out to the edges.
You can secure the bedhead to the wall but we're renting so I just simply stand this up between our ensemble & wall.

And there we have it!  And the best thing is that I can simply change the material whenever I get bored of this colour scheme!   For more inspiration, check these bedheads out from The Fabric Frame.

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