Sunday, 4 September 2011

DIY fairy birthday party

I LOVE kids birthday parties.  I remember my mum making a huge deal out of my birthday as a child so it only seems fit that I carry on the tradition with my two little girls. This year we had to stage another fairy party for Miss 4.  Unfortunately for me, her sisters fairy party from last year was on her mind so it was a challenge to top that event in her eyes!

But we succeeded! 

So with two fairy parties under my belt I thought I'd share some party ideas.

1. It's all in the decorating!  This years party was all about balloons, balloons & more balloons!  We hired a helium tank ($40) & used about 60 balloons in shades of pink, purple & white (& a hint of yellow).  We added the strings so the kids could have fun playing with them. Otherwise you could just let them float to the ceiling which is also super cute.

You can create a fairy grotto by draping loads of tulle from the ceiling. Pin some paper cut-out butterflies to the tulle & some rows of fairy lights.

2. The party table. Let's face it, all little kids light up when they see a super cute table laden with scrumptious treats. That's not to say you can't add a good dollop of healthy food amongst the treats. 

Ideas from party 1: Packet of tic toc cookies with the birthday girls name piped on them in icing, musk sticks, toadstool cookies, jelly cups with marshmallow flowers on top, marshmallows dipped in chocolate & sprinkles, strawberries & watermelon.

Ideas from party 2:  Coconut ice, labelled water bottles, wand cookies (stars on pop sticks with edible glitter), marshmallows covered in choc & sprinkles & set on lollipop sticks, fairy bread made from fairy cut-outs and sprinkles, little jars of Skittle lollies (or any other pretty coloured candy!), strawberries & watermelon.

3. The Cake. Now this one usually sends fear spikes up & down my spine just thinking about the what & hows! Last year my cousin helped me create a toadstool cake. The base is actually a tin of chickpeas covered in fondant icing! What can I say, it was the night before the party & I was desperate!

Cake 2 is my husbands masterpiece. And such a good job he made of it, being his first cake & all!

4. Games. There are so many cute games & activities for the little party goers.  Here's a few suggestions:
  • Craft corner to make little wands out of cardboards, sticks & glitter
  • Musical toadstools (aka musical chairs). I made a few little toadstools to use instead of plain chairs. You could just as easily cut big circles out of red cardboard, paste on smaller red circles & stick that on the floor to use as the chairs instead.
  • Fingernail painting (for the older girls)
  • Frozen fairies - aka statues. Girls dance around to music & freeze in a fairy pose when the music stops. If they move their out of the game.
  • Give each child a little pot of bubbles. Loads of amusement!
  • Pass the parcel - of course!

Hope you find some inspiration in our parties.  Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below as I'm sure other readers would love to hear them as much as I would!


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