Tuesday, 13 September 2011

handbag dilemma!

it's time for a handbag update. What I considered to be pretty cool 12months ago is now drab & has taken a good beating from two little kids dragging down on its strap & stuffing it with countless treasures.  So it's off to the handmade community to choose my new spring bag.  Here's my shortlist ...

Problem is ... I can't choose!  Please help!!!  I'm getting the feeling my colour this season is greeny/yellow/neutrals.

Here's the role call of who made which bag, starting from the top left, going clockwise:
1. Yellow & jade tote by Monkey and Me; 2. Paisley bag by LMcreation 3. Green swirl bag by Nicole Lee Designs 4. Green/white canvas by The Dragonfly Path 5. Olives cream by Minani Emi  6. Honey linen by Maple Mist 7.  Grey bag by Mialie Designs   8. Grey screenprinted tote by HeyBoom  9. Linen shoulder bag by The Dragonfly Path 10. Black with white bow by ickady bag 

And along the way of my search I found some absolutely gorgeous dream bags.  Perhaps to go on my Xmas wish list?!?
1. Green flower print by Chloe and Viscount 2. Leather handbag by Eight Seasons 3. Beige Suede by Retro Blonde Designs 4. Denim tote by iheart charlie 5. Harlow shoulder bag by Ella & Lily 6. Olive knit by My Moms Knitting Shop 

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